Ordering our Icons

Best Gifts

Hand-painted icons are among the best gifts you can make to yourself or others - your church, relatives, children, friends. It is also a good way to support our mission and the work of our iconographers.

Icons can be displayed in churches or venerated at home, presented as gifts for special occasions (Baptisms, Weddings, Holy Orders) or treasured and passed bown for generation as family relics.

Icons are powerful media for prayer, meditation, and objects of high aesthetic value. They communicate divine presence and strengthen our ties with the generations of Christians before us - our ansestors in faith and culture. Icons are an important part of Ukrainian cultural heritage, history and identity.

Authentic and Natural

All our icons are painted in the technique and style of traditional Eastern Christian iconography, mainly in Ukrainian tradition of 15th-17th centuries.

The are painted exclusively with natural materials (mineral and organic pigments, semi-precious minerals, real gold and silver, on linden boards), using ancient egg-tempera technique and style.

We paint traditional Ukrainian icons, but can also make icons in Byzantine style and in modern creative interpretations.

Examples of our work can be seen HERE

Ordering Instructions:

You can order our ready-made icons or commission your own icon.

You can send us your desired type of the icon(s), size and timing and we will get back to you with all the details (time to complete the order, price, etc.)

To place your inqury or order, please contact us at any of the following:

- E-mail: arsacra@gmail.com

- Phone: +380 68 069 17 30

- Whatsapp: +380 68 069 17 30 or +44 7491 364772