New! Eastern Christian Iconography as Visual Theology

Theoretical Online Course "Eastern Christian Iconography as Visual Theology"

An academic course (30 academic hours of pre-recorded lectures + individual work; 3 credits).





The course consists of a series of video-lectures based on visual presentations and comments of the instructor. All lectures are pre-recorded in a professional quality studio environment and placed on a dedicated Youtube page (the link to which will be made available to all registered users). Course duration - 30 academic hours. Since the lectures are accessible on Youtube, anyone can register within a flexible time frame and view them on one`s individual schedule. For those willing, additional live Zoom Q&A sessions with the instructor will be available.

A course aimed at familiarizing the audience of all levels (from beginners to advanced theology and arts students) with the fundamentals of Eastern Christian theology of the icon. We will look at various types of sacred images developed over a long tradition - from early Christian period through Byzantine centuries up until modern times - and analyze them as carriers of theological and spiritual meaning. The course will have historical, theological, spiritual and artistic elements, with rich illustrative material. Here is an opening video with the brief explanation of the course structure and objectives:


Instructor - prof. Taras Tymo,

Ukrainian Catholic University, a specialist in Early Christianity,

Patristics and Theology of the Icon.




A more detailed information about the course (description, instructor`s profile, etc.) can be found at:

The participation fee (incl. the access to all lectures live and in the recording, and non-copy-righted presentation materials) - $90 USD.

The course is open for individual regisrtration anytime (continuous intake).

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