Iconography Оffline Courses

At the moment we have put our courses on hold due to the war in ukraine. But we believe in the best. Therefore, our courses should be back in the next year. Glory to Ukraine!

We offer five types offline programs for people from abroad. They are designed for those who are interested in iconography, sacred art and Ukrainian religious culture.
All programs are open to individuals and small groups (up to 15 persons), and will be run regularly (during the indicated dates) or based on special agreements with individual students or small groups:

1. One-week "inspiring" program for people looking for cultural and spiritual enrichment by familiarizing themselves with religious art, history, and iconography. The program combines practical master-classes on the basics of icon painting, introductory lectures on various topics of Eastern Christian, Byzantine and Ukrainian art, theology and spirituality, and guided tours of museums that hold large collections of ancient icons and of local churches and architectural monuments. With the assistance of an experienced instructor student will finish their icon-great present for every occasion. Spending unforgettable time in the beautiful historical center of Lviv with its unique atmosphere is a bonus everyone will enjoy!
(Program available throughout the year based on an individual agreement – please contact us)

2. One-week program focused on in-depth learning of the art of icon painting through a series of intensive workshops (6 days, 5 hours/day). This allows for mastering the basics of iconography and painting (with the help of our instructors) a simple icon – your first icon ever! This option is for highly-motivated persons, looking for the experience of deeper immersion in the iconographic art and acquiring good beginner’s practical skills in the art. Apart from icon painting workshops, participants will have the opportunity to visit museums with authentic medieval icons, have a tour of the city and participate in different cultural and recreational activities organized by the School.
(Program available throughout the year based on an individual agreement – please contact us)

3. Two-week program combining the two options described above: cultural and spiritual immersion in the Ukrainian Christian tradition through icon-painting master classes, guided tours, and some lectures + an intensive iconography workshop during which the student can paint his/her own icon under the guidance of our experienced instructor. During these two weeks, participants will have time for learning, icon painting and exciting cultural and spiritual experiences.
(Program available during summers in June-July; and throughout the year based on an individual agreement – please contact us)

4. A semi-proffesional intensive two-week program designed for highly-motivated students who wish to dedicate considerable time and effort to mastering the basics of iconographic art in a short time. During the week-days, in the mornings we will have classes on the theology and spirituality of icons, art history and iconographic theory (materials, composition, drawing, etc.). Afternoons will be dedicated to practical icon painting workshops (5 hours a day) during which each student will be able to complete his or her own icon. During the weekends we offer study trips to museums, religious and cultural sites and monuments.
Program available during summers in June-July https://radruzh.org/en/study/icon-painting-summer-school/

5. Online course: we offer a distance-learning course for new and returning students that allows the participants to paint their own icon under the guidance of a personal tutor (via Skype mentoring,eng/ukr), have access to our video-archive with introductory lectures on various icons and learn the basics of the theology and symbolism of the icon through participation in online lectures. Registered participants will receive all the materials and supplies shipped to their address. All you need is internet access and time (approximately 4 hours a week) which you can dedicate to this course.
(Program available throughout the year based on an individual agreement – please contact us)